Friday, November 21, 2008

Confidence is slipping

Guess who is taking the blame for Mexico's recent form?

Sven Goran Eriksson. Big surprise there, I'm sure. Something is wrong with Mexico and it must be the coach's fault, right?

That's apparently the overwhelming sentiment amongst Tri fans. Cancha did a survey and found that 60 percent of the people they polled wanted Eriksson out, 64 percent said they were embarrassed with how Mexico qualified to the Hexagonal and 72 percent were not sure if Mexico would play well in the Hex.

Furthermore, 29 percent said they felt Mexico would not qualify for the World Cup. Cancha asked the same question in August and September and on both occasions only seven percent felt Mexico would not qualify.


Anonymous said...

It's stupid to blame the whole thing on Eriksson. I think Mexico's development system is to blame more than anything else. Mexico just isn't developing enough athletic soccer players. They develop good technical players, but the way soccer is changing into a mix of technique, size, strength, and speed, Mexico is falling way behind on size and strength.

Anonymous said...

eriksson's in trouble... i could easily see us losing the against the us, tying los ticos, losing again in san pedro sula... one point out of nine... three if you give us the win against costa rica...

not an inlikely scenario, the way things are going.

a push to have raul arias take over is already under way... eriksson may not even be at the hex.