Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Chivas USA waived Alex Zotinca. Not a big loss. He was useless in the playoff match in Utah and a big part of the problem for why Chivas couldn't get their attack going in that loss. Along the right side, he's become less valuable, especially if Carey Talley and Lawson Vaughn are each healthy. Jonathan Bornstein also showed he could do well on the right side if need be.


Ivan said...

He's not a midfilder, so blame Preki for that move. He's played right back for chivas consistantly and to put him there is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Luis sorry dude but i disagree with you.

Bad decision. Zontica is good.

soy said...

im in total disagreement. zotinca was one of the ONLY reasons we went back to 1-2 ball(you could see the difference once he popped back up into the lineup). that guy's fierce defensively, but also has the tools to bring the ball up on the attack patiently (instead of booting it up like most of our defenders do)

needless to say, im upset he's gone.