Friday, November 7, 2008

Lacking resources

I just knocked out my column. I wrote about the CONCACAF Champions League and how MLS teams were not able to compete in the tourney. Also, I talked about how the schedule and demands of the tournament were too much to overcome. This isn't the link to the column (I won't be around my computer to post the direct link) but check out for the story.

Anyway, just some thoughts on the tournament that are left floating around. Four MLS teams originally set out on trying to do well in the tournament but only Houston is left. DC United was absolutely terrible in their efforts, finishing 0-5-1, while Houston may have to play for their tournament lives four days after MLS Cup.

As I explain in my column, the reasons for MLS not competing in the tournament are simple. The calendar is taxing and the depth in MLS teams is non-existent. Most teams in this league are two injuries away from disaster.

Now, I don't completely fault the MLS teams themselves for not being able to compete in the tournament. You can't really expect greatness from them when they are not playing on a level playing field. MLS teams have so many restrictions on them, from the miniscule salaries to roster restrictions and ways to add players that it would be a miracle of even one team goes through to the knockout rounds.

What's amazing is how both USL teams were able to advance and all four Mexican teams got through. You'd expect that from the Mexican teams but for two supposedly second-division teams to make it through while MLS couldn't even see all of its teams in the tournament proper is astonishing.

Anyway, check back for the column as it should be up there at some point this morning.

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