Friday, November 7, 2008

Forget last year!

That's what Chivas USA players are trying to stress in the week leading up to Saturday's game. Last year is last year and it is not this year.

I'm sure many are trying to make the comparison from last season to this season. After all, last year Chivas lost the opening game on the road by 1-0, just as they did on Saturday. Chivas then came back and tied the home game after not being able to score on Kansas City and were bounced on a 1-0 aggregate.

But Chivas players refuse to make any comparisons between the two seasons.

Said Alecko Eskandarian: It's pointless to go back and even analyze last year's team or the game and all that. It really has absolutely no bearing on this year's game or the results. No one has really talked about it. Preki kind of mentioned it a little bit in his talks but amongst the guys no one has really talked about it. Our only goal right now is to get past Salt Lake.

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