Friday, November 7, 2008

Ahora quien es el mas grande?

Thursday's Chivas-River Plate game was truly one for the ages. Two proud clubs with tradition dripping from their jerseys met for a spot in the semifinals of the Copa Sudamericana. River Plate followed Chivas' lead from the first leg by scoring two but Chivas came back and scored two second-half goals later. I've got highlights below, well, Chivas' goals at least.

Anyway, here's the contrasting covers from the different sides. First, Cancha from Guadalajara:

The headline doesn't translate very well, as literally in English it's "How Rooster-like" or something. But it's more describing their swagger and manner in which they came back.

In Argentina, though, the angle is much different.

Now, to start off, I don't know what MEONE means. Sorry. I must have slept through that lesson. If someone can enlighten the rest of us, that would be great. Whatever MEONE means, it was done by an elephant.

But the subhead is quite enlightening:

"River took a quick lead, they scored two goals and squandered several others, but allowed two Chivas counters in a five-minute span in the second half and are out, unjustly, from the Sudamericana."

I'm not sure how "unjust" the result was or what they are referring too. Chivas were deserved winners, plain and simple. But I guess I'm not watching the game from Buenos Aires, so my perspective is different.


Angeloz67 said...

MEONE is the name of the RiverPlate Coach. what the what it means is "MEONE Por un Elefante" is "MEONE for an Elephant" which it means they rather have an elephant for a Coach at River plate

Anonymous said...

Gallo is a play on the nickname "Gallinas" for River Plate.

L.B. said...

Thanks to both of you for the info! Our readers rule!

Anonymous said...

wow, i felt chivas was lucky to get out of that one yesterday... river could have easily gone up 3-0if they had put away their chances. funny how we come away with completely different interpretations of the same game. i did feel chivas came sooo close to choking yesterday. we'll see how chivas fares against internacional... river is the bottom club in argentina right now...

saludos, d

silent e said...

Luis, although a literal translation doesn't work, do remember that in English we have the expression "cock of the walk", which is based on the idea of the swaggering rooster.