Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Soccer over civic duty

Earlier today, I postponed my civic duty of voting all in the name of soccer. I was all set to vote, having spent the morning cramming. It's the propositions that always get to me, always the ones I'm reading up until the very end. So after I got in a run at the gym, I headed over to the local polling place.

I was going over the propositions in my head and about to step up to sign in, making sure that I was all prepared when I felt my phone buzz. I thought it was an e-mail, so I paused and it buzzed again. I picked it up and realized it was Champions Soccer Radio.

I'm a regular on their Around the League in 90 Minutes show, which airs every Tuesday. Today, they had an abbreviated version and I was slated to go on at 10:50. Sure enough, it was almost that time. So, I stepped out of the room and walked outside. The polling place is at a golf course near my house so I stood on a deck overlooking the golf course and listening to the end of a chat on the New York Red Bulls when I had to cram again. Now, I'd already sort of had an idea of what I would say but I had to go over some things in my head.

We talked a bit about Chivas USA, they broke for a commercial and came back to me briefly. I gave a quick prediction and we were done. Then I stepped back into line - it was very short so I didn't have to wait. When I got into the booth and had the propositions before me, I sighed.

What was I going to vote on Prop 3 again?

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betch said...

Become a permanent vote by mail voter! Problem solved.