Monday, November 10, 2008

Panchito's words

I didn't get a chance to post this earlier but here's what Francisco Mendoza had to say about the loss to RSL on Saturday.

I also asked him about next season. He was supposed to have left Chivas USA for Chivas de Guadalajara after last season but it fell through. During this season, Mendoza told me that Chivas VP Nestor de la Torre had lied to him and that he was upset about that, so I actually don't expect to see Panchito back in red and white next season. His contract is up and if he gets an offer from a Mexican team I'd expect him to take it. An MLS team would have to trade for his rights and I doubt Chivas USA would trade his rights away.

Anyway, here's the audio of our brief talk.


Anonymous said...

I doubt Guadalajara wants his unnecessary dribbling and deflated shots and crosses.

EastLAChiva said...

0 goals = 0 chance

Oh well, maybe now Preki or whomever, will play SUENO FLores!!