Friday, November 7, 2008

Landon's desire to leave

This is one of the things I did not have a chance to post while I was in between blogs. Following the Galaxy's season-ending 2-2 draw with FC Dallas, I had the chance to talk to Landon Donovan about his desire to move to Europe.

Here is the audio.

I originally approached him to talk about the end of the season but then decided it would be best to talk to him about Europe. I figured other reporters would soon crash our little party so I started right in with talk of Europe. While this was going on, only Edson Buddle and a Galaxy staffer were inside the locker room so I had the floor to myself. Afterward, though, Landon went to the press conference and answered many of these same questions.

As far as Landon and moving to Europe, he should absolutely go. While I think he could stay in MLS and would still be productive for the Galaxy and the US national team, if he wants to test his fate in Europe, it's pretty much now or never. Really, in MLS he's done everything there is to do - championships, goal-scoring titles, accolades, you name it. He's one of the league's top three players of all time.

And perhaps it's that success that fuels his desire. Soccer isn't the NBA, where if you aren't playing in the American league, you aren't playing in a top league. There are far more challenges for an MLS player than any other American player, so playing at home then may have lost its luster.

Anyway, one other thing. When I ask him about a transfer fee figure, I'm joking with him even though he kind of answers it seriously. I know, I shouldn't preface that bit with you but there are some slow people out there who might think I'm serious.

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Nicole said...

Thanks for the audio. It's always nice to hear the audio because it sheds a little more light than the printed article of the interview, what with editing and such.