Monday, February 2, 2009

Zinha's zingers

Antonio Naelson "Zinha" apparently doesn't hold the United States national team in high regard. Actually, he doesn't seem to hold them in any regard.

Zinha didn't hold back any of his thoughts on how he really perceives El Tri's regional rival on Monday as he assured reporters that Mexico was the better team.

"To me, Mexico is much better but we need to do things the right way. We need to put the negatives aside," Zinha told reporters.

The negatives likely would include a lack of scoring goals and penchant for mistakes, both of which have plagued Mexico in recent months. Also, the lack of goals has been an issue against the United States as Mexico has three goals in the last decade in games against the U.S. on American soil.

No matter, though. Zinha said the U.S. was not all it was cracked up to be.

"They are very overrated because from my perspective they are not what they are made out to be."

Reporters brought up Mexico's poor record against the U.S. in the U.S. - Mexico hasn't beaten the Americans outside of Mexico since 1999. They asked him if the Mexicans feared playing against the U.S., if they were scared of the U.S. national team.

"Scared of who? Of playing soccer? You can't have any fear on the field, and least of all against a team that is not superior to the Mexican team."


Anonymous said...

I agree with his statement that you can't be afraid and you need to be confident, but come on. The record speaks for itself. Just like it shows Mexico dominated the U.S. for years, the Americans OWN them in the U.S. now.

Rudy said...

Haha, good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Well he really isn''t Mexican anyway

albert said...

The is really not that unbeatable monster ,look how they fair on Mexican soil.Until the U.S. rolls out of el Azteca with a W ,then Zinha is right

Anonymous said...

La Neta yeah were a bit over hyped. but the record speaks for itself Mexico cant beat us here we can beat Mexico in Azteca. Yet somehow were are inferior to the all mighty Mexico. Give me a break! Both teams are even. Its like Comparing Argentina vs Brazil, both teams completely beat each each other at home.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. cant beat Mexico in El Azteca let alone anywhere in Mexico, a 0-22-1 says so.Come the 11th Mexico also breaks a ten year streak bitchesssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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L.B. said...

Let's keep disparaging remarks off the page please. Here is the previous comment sans the insult at the end:

from anon:
The U.S. MNT has one advantage that Mexico and plenty other national wish they had to a certain extent ,and that is that the country's mainstream press doesn't give a flying fuck about them.Blogs like this one do not produce the relentless media scrutiny that storms on Mexico.

Tune into Sportscenter ,there is no significant coverage,if any, about the U.S.'s preparations for Hex.

Many Americans don't really give a fuck about the team either.

Most of the U.S.'s fan base in Cal consists of Salvadoreans and Gustemalans ,whose own shit teams suck,so they just jump on the bandwagon.

Mexico took more than 30k in Oakland against Sweden.

While the U.S. didn't even take 10k to the HDC against the same Swedes.

Anonymous said...

Talk, talk and more talk. That's all the Mexican players and their giant egos have to offer. One can easily argue that Mexico has to cheat in order to beat the U.S. -- they certainly haven't been able to do so for the past 10 years without the aid of lung-crushing altitude and air as filthy as their sportsmanship! Zinha and all of his fellow badly overrated egomaniacs can keep on talking all they want, but the U.S. players are the ones getting it done where it counts (on the pitch) -- and doing it with class instead of resorting to cheap shots and diving like the green-clad toddlers who farcically think themselves superior to the Yanks. But hey, go ahead and yammer all you like, Zinha -- the trees need all the CO2 they can get! What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Whooptee-doo! Big tough words from a pathetic little loser-man who had to go to Mexico to play internationally, because he sucks way too bad to play for a real team like his native Brazil! Bend over and grab your ankles, Mexico -- there's another big 2-0 in your future! HA HA!

Anonymous said...

P.S. -- "Mexico took more than 30k in Oakland against Sweden. While the U.S. didn't even take 10k to the HDC against the same Swedes." Yeah, exactly. Now think about it: How pathetic is it that your country can pour all of its resources into one sport and still suck at it after 100+ years, while our country only invests a tiny fraction of its resources in the same sport and *still* manages to kick your asses all the time? How embarassing that must be for you guys! HA HA HA HA HA!!

albert said...

U.S. cant whoop Mexico all the time, they still cant win in Mexico, dont speak in absolutes

Anonymous said...

Yeah that Sinha is a horrible player,he sucks so bad he tagged the U.S. with a killer goal in 05 haha

Dont hate U.S. fans, your team isn't that good either.

If the U.S. is so bad ass they would've played Mexico at the Rosebowl

jess' sum steenking greengo said...

Como la cancion de Carlos Mencia...

"He's Zinha Man!
He's come to save Mexico!
He's Zinha Man!
He's only five feet-oh!
He's Zinha Man!
For them he never lose!
He's Zinha Man!
Look at his pretty white shoes!
He wants to get a yob speaking smack-talk to the people...
Because then, they will think he can do an-ee-theeng!"

We steenking greengos don' care if joo guys ees covered by AFLAC or aneeteeng else -- joo ees gonna loos 2-0 anyway! :-D

Anonymous said...

U.S. fans can suck a crusty dick

Anonymous said...

I see the racist are coming out of the closet.

jess' sum steenking greengo said...

"Yeah that Sinha is a horrible player,he sucks so bad he tagged the U.S. with a killer goal in 05 haha"

You can't blame a keeper for failing to stop a shot when he's trying his hardest not to double over and hack up a huge ass tarball instead! If your country had those nifty things called emissions standards like we do in the civilized world, Zinha woulda got stopped cold, boyeeeeeee!

"Dont hate U.S. fans, your team isn't that good either."

What a riot -- a Mexican telling Americans "don't hate"! In case you missed it, OUR players ain't the ones who always talk the trash, muchacho! If you got a problem wit da haters, you need to take it up with your boy Zinha!

"If the U.S. is so bad ass they would've played Mexico at the Rosebowl"

Whatsa matter, you afraid of a little snow, vato? It pretty much wouldn't matter where we play Mexico anyway. As long as it ain't at 7,500 feet in two-packs-of-cigarettes air, El Tri can't beat us -- it's that simple!

And even when the U.S. plays them in that sewer called Azteca, our players at least show sportsmanship when they lose to Mexico -- they don't try to start fights or go after the ref like a bunch of pissy little crybabies! The true measure of greatness isn't how you act when you win, it's how you act when you lose. The way Mexicans act toward Da Gringos when they lose is proof positive that Los Tricolores ain't fit to wash the Americans' sweaty jocks -- and those no-class-havin' fools richly deserve every beatdown they get from us!

Anonymous said...

If it dosen't matter wwre you play ,how come they wont do the game in LA?Sccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrreeeed

jess' sum steenking greengo said...

HA! Yeah, and I see the Mexico fans are pulling the race card outta tha closet cuz they're crybabies who can dish out da smack all day but can't take it for even a second, just like their no-class soccer players! Since the race card is already on the table, here's one from Will Smith: "Don't start nuthin', won't be nuthin'!" It's real simple: Ya don't like it, stop dishin' it out! Y en serio, si era racisto, podria hablar espanol bastante bien, buey? :-P

Anonymous said...

Its not like u.s. soccer goes to Columbus to take the Mexicans to the snow,they do it to stay away from the Mexicans

jess' sum steenking greengo said...

Ooooooh, just look at these insults comin' from Da REAL Haters! Iz dat all you got?

We play your team in Houston, Chicago, Dallas, L.A. -- and we kick their butts, in front of tens of thousands of Mexicans! We decide to play one little game every now and then in a stadium where we'll actually have some decent support, and you cry about it! Hey loser -- if Mexico is so much better than the U.S., why doesn't Mexico play a World Cup qualifier in Ciudad Juarez, huh? Simple: Cuz they know they can't beat the U.S. without sewage quality, paper thin air to help the, that's why!

You really think your weak ass insults are gonna hurt me? Not a chance, muchacho, cuz I got the one thing you'll never have: WOOT! As in, "We Own Other Team"! As in, 2-0, baby! You can write it now!

And by the way, only people who are insecure in their own masculinity use words intended to insult women and gays! How sad for you that you'll never have anywhere near as much class as any woman or homosexual who ever lived!

jess' sum steenking greengo said...

BUUUUZ! Wrong answer -- 100% Nordic specimen, actually! I also like Mexico, Mexicans, and Mexican soccer, just so youse know. I also don't care for having trash talked about my seleccion by losers like Zinha, though. Mexico is awesome; I've never had anything but a great time, be it in Monterrey or Irapuato (yeah, that's right -- Guanajuato!) Nice people, beautiful country. Just wish they'd leave off the gringo-hating nonsense every time they play us! But since they won't, I feel obligated to dish out a taste of their own medicine. Doesn't taste all that good, does it?

Anonymous said...

For the "real deal," it's all about getting results. Period. That's why Mexico rarely plays anywhere besides Azteca in qualifying, and that's why the U.S. plays in places where it enjoys an advantage.

All the way up through the Gold Cup, the U.S. is fine with exploiting Mexican fans who live up here, knowing full well that they'll rush for tickets like hungry goldfish to their little colored flakes in the bowl every time El Tri comes to town, which makes the USSF and SUM ever wealthier (since most Mexicans disdain MLS, we've got to grab their cash somehow, you know!) But when it's World Cup time, the stakes are too high to indulge short-term greed (the payoff comes from FIFA later, when we qualify).

Everyone understands this. It's easy to understand. Slinging juvenile insults about it is beyond farcical. It's smart strategy, and the USSF and SUM are to be applauded for coming up with innovative ways to make some fat bank off of Mexican fans and still make sure the U.S. team qualifies for World Cups.

At the end of the day, Mexico should be grateful that the U.S. gives them a real rivalry and real games. If Mexico had been pushed like this for the past 50-60 years, they'd probably have at least played in a World Cup final by now, perhaps even won one. Instead, Mexico got complacent all that time and improved very little since they could generally cakewalk through their region. We've seen more improvement from El Tri in the past 15-odd years than was seen in the preceding half-century -- and that's largely because the U.S. has been pushing them harder and harder in the past 15 years or so.

It's a great rivalry, and while the trash-talking from people like Zinha is stupid, childish, and totally uncalled for, the rivalry itself is generally beneficial to all concerned. I look forward to a cracking game. Here's hoping we'll see some hard, honest play from both teams and that the Mexican players leave their less savory antics at home (not holding my breath, but one can always hope...)

Anonymous said...

And P.S. -- Gay-bashing is just as bad as racism. Pity no one ever taught you how to show respect for others, even if they happen to be different.

Anonymous said...

P.P.S. -- A fact's a fact from Nome to Rome, the saying goes...And a Mexican is a Mexican no matter where they are. Don't try to feed us any B.S. about how "L.A. Mexicans are different/better"! More arrogant, if you're a good yardstick to judge by, but better? Nice ego, pal!

Anonymous said...

(the payoff comes from FIFA later, when we qualify). hahaha yea and crash out in the first round.

Yea the rivalry has benefited the U.S. a lot lately lol

LA Mexcan are much more rabid and crazier than Mexican fans in other U.S. cities.Learn how to read ,I never said better.

Yea lets applaud SUM for exploiting an minroty group,just like Elvis exploited black music,got to love the white man

Mexicans are not the only ones who have disdain for MLS,EPL games garner five times the ratings MLS games do and I am pretty sure its not Mexicans watching those games

Its funny how you just repeated everything I said ,talk about not knowing what to say,lol

albert said...

Its funny how you guys call Sinha's comments childish ,yet forget about the stupid remarks Donovan has sais in the past.

Lets be honest Mexico vs the U.S. goes beyond soccer,and if you want to be naive to that fact then you are a fucking moron.

Sop if players want toi talk shit let them,we will see who really runs shit on the 11th

Anonymous said...

Lame, you two (I am assuming that it's just two people going back in forth) need to get over it. Why are you gringos so sensitive?

man-from-michigan said...

What do you all expect Sihna to say? "They are better than us?" come on now. Would you want Donovan to say that about Mexico? Of course not. It is all about going into the match mentally and physically prepared for it.

Mexico plays in Azteca for a WC qualifier no matter who the rival is, not just for the US. The US choses each location based on where less Mexicans, Salvadoreans, Hondurans, Costa Ricans, Nicaraguans, etc. live. They have every right to do so. But just because Mexico has not won on US soil recently doesnt say that the US completely owns Mexico. Funny shit!


Anonymous said...

Hey Luis,
Sure your still moderating your blog? All this hating is a bit too much to trudge though. I must say that the Mexican nats seem to have leveled off since 2006 and the US has been climbing since their WC debockle.

I'm all for a little gamesmanship, but where do you draw the line with sour grapes and just poor sportsmanship? BTW, I think Gooch should squash that little oompa loompa Zinha!WDYT?

XOXO Bofo's Sister

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Zinha is a horrible player? OK, he's not Maradona but then, who is? Heck, not even Maradona is Maradona, anymore. Zinha is more than servicable; he's actually pretty good.

So why don't they play the game in L.A.? Do you really want to give your opponent a home-field advantage in your own country? Why do you think Mexico-US games will never be played in Mexico outside of Azteca?

Anonymous said...

What Zinha said is no different from american football players talking shit about the other team. Who ever takes these comments seriously is just as childish and stupid as Zinha. Everyone will agree that the game on the 11th will be good for both sides. Mexico needs a win if only to get their confidence back. The best thing for the conference if for both the U.S and Mexico to be strong.

Anonymous said...

True Joseph. But WTH? Let's see both teams at their best, no excuses. The US is ready for this kind of stuff. We can't be content with "sterile" conditions in the most favorable light anymore. Isn't that why were playing more of the "big boys"(England, Spain, Argentina. misc. Euros)? We don't have to get out of the kitchen now. Let's turn up the heat! We certainly will get no quarter in any European venue. I think we're getting use to truly international football. Yes Mexico is the only true comp in these parts and they're legit, but being tops in CONCACAF is kinda like being President of Fresno. Who cares? Bring it on, any time, any place!

--Alexi's unwanted step child

Anonymous said...

Mythbusters to the rescue.

Mexico is undefeated in WCQs held oustide of Azteca so your little excuse about the "altitude" doesn't hold up.

It wasn't until 2005 that the US managed to score a goal on Mexican soil.

The US has never won anywhere in Mexico at any level. The best they've done is a 0-0 tie back in 97.

The last time the US played Mexico in Guadalajara, Mexico hung four on a US team led by Donovan, Beasley, and Goochie.

No other team that comes to Mexico bitches so much about playing at Azteca. It's an honor for other players to play on a pitch that has held two World Cup finals games and has been graced by some of the best players to have ever walked to planet.

There's a reason USSF takes Mexico to Columbus. (1) They feel they have some sort of tradition after winning two games there yet they've never won a game anywhere in Mexico, let alone Azteca. (2) They think the unhumanly cold conditions are some sort of advantage yet the Mexicans don't cry about playing in the cold.

Lastly, the US has used the most foreign born players in the history of CONCACAF and it wasn't long ago that they hustled the INS to get David Regis his citizenship so he could play for them right before the 98 WC.

Llamosa, Dooley, and Earnie Stewart were all capped as adults and in Dooley and Stewart's case, they'd never even set foot on US soil before being capped.

One more thing, the US will continue to embarras themselves at international tournaments for as long as the sun shines.

Three and out baby!!!

joel es latest soccer news said...

This article evokes some strong opinions. I think both teams should shut their mouths. Zinha is right they should not be scared, but at the same time, never underestimate your opponents.