Friday, February 13, 2009

Paco, Captain Marquez

Had a question below in the comments, actually a couple of questions. Figured I'd answer them here.

1) Paco Ramirez and the slapping incident. I haven't seen anything from Paco Ramirez himself. I've seen some commentaries online about the incident, saying it was bad on the part of Ramirez, but mostly there hasn't been discussed much. If I come across something more on it, I'll pass it along.

2) There are some who think Rafael Marquez shouldn't be captain anymore. I can't say I disagree. There are even some who think he shouldn't be called back in at all. I think that's a bit too excessive, though. I think Carlos Salcido or Pavel Pardo would make good captains. I'd probably opt for Salcido, though. He's got more years left in him than Pardo and you could build some longevity and consistency with Salcido as captain.

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