Thursday, February 19, 2009

Castillo's hissy fit

Edgar Castillo made noise on Wednesday for all the wrong reasons.

First, the New Mexico native was on the wrong end of a botched clearance. Then, he got subbed out.

Here are the match highlights, though you don't see anything from Castillo except for his horrendous defensive error and him walking off the field:

According to Mural, Castillo was quite agitated after he left the game. After the goal, Mural reports, America assistant coaches conferred with head coach Jesus Ramirez and apparently concluded that Atlas was torching Castillo and America's left flank. Castillo was replaced in the 34th minute, some 10 minutes after his gaffe.

Upon reaching the bench, Castillo yelled and protested his removal, to the point that backup goalkeeper Armando Navarette had to step in and calm Castillo down.

It will be interesting to see if Castillo plays in America's next match, Saturday at Tigres. Ramirez, who took over a week ago, said no player is guaranteed a spot on the team, so if Castillo has been terrible on and off the field, he might not be playing much anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Too bad. I had high hopes for my fellow Crucean. Maybe the pressure of "big time" America is getting to him, or life in the big city?

Anonymous said...

Another funny tidbit, about what has happen to Castillo at America. During the last game (Chucho's first game), Chucho turned to Castillo and called him Robert asking if he was ready to go in. Chucho then turned to one of his assistants and asked him what was his name. This was caught by the Televisa camera's as he was being miked up. This came out in their Sunday show. Funny how the former U-17 coach does not know a MNT player.

Anonymous said...

Not defending Chucho or anything, but I don't think Castillo played for Mexico's U-17s. Though I do agree, he should have familiarized himself with his players names before their first game, but when you're in a new situation it's bound to get people mixed up at times.

Anonymous said...

You say hissy fit like its a bad thing.

-2 year olds