Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Changes afloat

A lot of good this goal did...

Brandon McDonald, who will be remembered for this nifty goal at the end of last season, was one of five Galaxy players who are now unemployed.

McDonald, Steve Cronin, Troy Roberts, Mike Randolph and Ely Allen are all gone.

Allen also had one goal, though it wasn't a goal of the year finalist like McDonald's.

Colorado again, but a different game, earlier in the season when the Galaxy still had a chance of something.

Both players were rookies a year ago, but now they're gone. Cronin is gone, which is a move that comes a year too late. Cronin was hideous a year ago and was never cut out to be a starting MLS goalkeeper.

Roberts seemed like a decent experienced option off the bench or as a spot starter but apparently Bruce Arena doesn't have that luxury. Randolph looked like he had potential but regressed some a year ago. Todd Dunivant's arrival spelled the end of Randolph.


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