Wednesday, February 11, 2009

United States wins again

The United States continued their home dominance over Mexico with a 2-0 victory over their biggest rivals.

The match was more of the same for both teams: the Americans played disciplined, organized and took advantage of their opportunities; Mexico meanwhile faltered all over the field and two of their most dependable players (Rafael Marquez and Oswaldo Sanchez) made glaring mistakes.

I will have more on this result later, what it means for both sides and who some of the players that did well and who let their teams down were.


Anonymous said...

Before the US first goal, I thought Mexico was actually playing better than the US. They were actually more composed than I had ever seen them against the US. Had Dos Santos buried that chance in the first two minutes, it would have changed the game completely. I also think losing Castillo hurt them bad as Martinez was not a suitable replacement.

On the bright side, despite Dos Santos missing two easy chances, he was probably the best player for Mexico. He was able to dribble out of trouble effectively and create some problems for the US defense. I'm still puzzled as to why Mexico still gives away critical set pieces against the US.

Marquez for all his experience is just a dope when he plays for the national team. Sanchez had some good saves, but it really is time for him to go. Michael Bradley was outstanding today, but no other US player really impressed. Mexico did a good job of shutting down Donovan.

Anonymous said...

would have, could have, should have... that's the story of this mexican team... watch out, el tri may actually manage to lose every away game in the hexagonal...

Adam said...

Since when does the US dominate possession while Mexico sits and waits on the counter?

I've been watching some Mexican league games this year, and I have to wonder whether they really do have their best talent out there. When Vela and Guardado return they will be a little better off, but with no Borghetti or Blanco they just don't have that scoring punch.

Luckily for Mexico, 5 wins at Azteca will put them through. Let's just hope they can make it without a couple more coaching changes.

Juan said...

Congrats to the US fans out there. I thought Mexico played great before the first goal and like always after the first they always go a level lower. Nery's injury had a big blow too, he was everywhere, made some of the US defenders make mistakes. Oh well hopefully he'll be back in the next game. That Guchi guy kinda sucked imo so did Galindo on the mexican side. Anyways, hopefully mexico can win the next game.

angels82281 said...

Mexico did look like the better team in the beginnning. But what counts is the final score. Mexico always dominates the midfield but does nothing with the chances it gets. The U.S is not a powerhouse and it will need to get better if it wants to do damage in the world cup. Dempsey was lost in the entire game. Bradley played well but he cant carry the team all by himself.

Rudy said...

At this point I'm bored by U.S. victories over Mexico.(in the States) They need to finally win at Azteca so we can have something new to talk about.

man-from-michigan said...

Congrats to the US and all its fans for the WIN! I also think tha we played a good first half, but the final score is what counts. I have full faith in my team making it to Africa 2010. See u all at Azteca in August.


Anonymous said...

I don't care if the US loses the rest of its WCQ games, we just have to win at the Azteca. On a Wednesday night.

Props to all the Mexican NT fans that have posted positively here.

Good to see.

BTW, I agree the USMNT has a VERY LONG way to go before the WC.