Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dream over

While thinking back to last February, I realized that there is something missing this year that was going on the last two years at this time: there is no Sueno MLS.

Two words sum up how I feel about that: Thank God.

Chivas USA got lucky with Jorge Flores, the winner from year one, even though he doesn't play and figures to have an uphill battle for playing time. Last year's winner isn't a part of the club anymore last I heard: no Under-18, Under-19, whatever the case may be. He's not around.

Let's hope that competition doesn't resurface in the future.


chris said...

On the other hand, FCD took its winner and three other finalists and used them to seed the new U-18 team.

It hasn't helped the senior team yet, but it got the Juniors program off to a great start. That's probably a much better use of that type of show.

Anonymous said...


joel es latest soccer news said...

Flores was called up to U-20 camp for preparation for the U20 Concacaf tourney.