Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New trialists

Chivas USA has welcomed Eduardo Lillingston and Arturo Javier Ledesma to their stay in Guadalajara and the two players could soon become reinforcements for Chivas USA, provided they catch the coach's eye.

Lillingston, a forward who spent time with Tecos and Santos in the Mexican first division, was a scrappy, useful player during his prime but was never a standout performer. Ledesma, meanwhile, has some upside as well as height and could help boost a position of need as Claudio Suarez is still apparently decided regarding his future.

The two players are also joined by Diego Scotti, formerly of Audax Italiano and Newell's Old Boys.

Chivas USA will play a friendly against Tapatio on Thursday morning. It will be interesting to see who plays for Chivas USA aside from these trialists, provided they see action. Javier Hernandez and Jesus Padilla, both of whom have spent a lot of time with Tapatio over the last several years, have been linked to Chivas USA, as well as Antonio Salazar.

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joel es latest soccer news said...

If they dont make any other moves they will have to wait till the second window.