Monday, February 2, 2009

Like old times

Sunday's game between Tigres B and Tapatio in Mexico's Primera A Division had a sort-of Chivas USA feel to it.

On the field for Tapatio, who lost 1-0, was Francisco Mendoza and Carlos Borja, former members of Chivas USA, while Jesus Padilla also saw action for the club. Padilla spent some time with the MLS team in the 2006 preseason and has long been linked to the club.

Who scored the game-winning goal for Tigres B?

Juan Pablo Garcia.


Joel Aceves said...

I bet Juan Pablo regrets leaving Chivas USA. I remember one of his last games at the HDC, when there was a supposed PSV scout observing him and he played craptacular, even throwing a sissy fit when he was subbed out. I had high expectations for Garcia but he has le sucked ever since returning to the MLS. Any chance Chivas USA could get him back, I bet he could regain his old form!!

Joel Aceves said...

* I meant ever since returning to the MFL.

Anonymous said...

JP Garcia is bitter about the whole thing and probably blames CUSA and no himself for not going to PSV.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Is Juan Pablo Garcia still in professional soccer? ;)

L.B. said...

I'd like to see him return too since he was a very good player for Chivas USA when he was here, but that guy threw his career away by chasing the money and leaving what was a good situation for him here. I don't know if he could regain his form though. He might be stuck in the Primera A forever.