Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Countdown goals

For the US-Mexico countdown I wanted to supplement my words with some videos but games from the 1990s were apparently not available on You Tube so I wasn't able to add many highlights. As we inch towards the top of the countdown, I'll be adding more videos as several of the top games have goals and highlights available.

But here's a compilation that has some of the games from Nos. 21 through 9. Here are US goals from No. 11 (US 2-0 in 2000), No. 15 (2-2 in 1997), No. 16 (US 4-0 in 1995) and No. 21 (US 3-0 in 2000) as well as No. 9 (US 2-0 in 2001). I believe the video was part of the run-up to the last World Cup qualifier between the two teams, played in 2005 in Ohio. That one is coming up soon here on the countdown, but for now here is the video for some of the games that have already appeared on the countdown.

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