Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Talk of Mexico's starting lineup

I came across this video from ESPN's Futbol Picante, where the members of the show debate over who should start for Mexico in the game against the United States next week. Here's the video, and I took the time to translate (very loosely) what was said...

The host starts off by saying that Oswaldo Sanchez will be the starter in goal and everyone agrees, saying that it is "undoubtedly" his position and that he is a good leader. Ricardo Osorio should return as the starter. On central defense. Marquez is fine and will travel...

Analyst: I have some doubts over Galindo. He's a fine player but isn't fast. Salcido could play as a central defender.

Host: Galindo has good size and could go against the Americans because of that.

Analyst: And aside from that he spent some time playing in Germany.

Host: Salcido can play wide or in central defense.

Analyst: It's likely he'll be out wide.

Host: The problem in the midfield is who will lead the attack.

Analyst: Well, I think the defensive part of the midfield is pretty much established. Torrado's absence and the inclusion of Leandro who is a natural left-footed player means we'll see him in one spot and Pavel in another.

Host: Okay, well who will play on the right? Zinha? If Zinha doesn't start, could we see Luis Perez?

Analyst: I see Zinha there. He's more capable.

Host: Pavel and Leandro then in the center of the midfield.

Analyst: ... (he talks about Zinha's qualities and says he should have some support defensively so he can focus on the attack)

Host: Nery Castillo. Do you think he'll start? And take the spot on the left side that is normally Guardado's?

Analyst: No, no. I think he'll play up top alongside Vuoso. I'd actually play him more in the midfield, maybe as a withdrawn striker.

Host: How about Medina? Would he start again?

Analyst: He's been showing that he can handle it. He's playing very well.... Villaluz is another player that might be able to contribute on the right side and that might free up Zinha.

Other analyst: This team isn't bad.

Host: We've got Castillo out left because Eriksson doesn't play with two (forwards), he has played more of a 4-4-1-1.

Analyst: Well, I'd take out Medina and put in Ramon Morales... take out Medina, move Castillo over and put Morales in on the left. You'd have a stronger more experienced team.

Other analyst: You need strong attack-minded wingers. The US has backs who like to push up and join the attack so you need dangerous players in the midfield so the Americans will worry and won't be so confident going forward, they'll be more worried about defending than attacking.

Other analyst: Pavel can join the attack. Leandro can join the attack. Ramon Morales is very good on the attack. [On an aside, Morales was not called in]

Other analyst: With those players, Zinha, Castillo, Medina, Vuoso, we won't be very dangerous in the air. Vuoso is the only one. And going up against those towers (the US has)...

Host: What does Eriksson play for: to keep them from scoring or to score a goal?

Analyst: If he comes out to not give up a goal, the game will be hideous.

Other analyst: But you have less of a chance of losing. Still, I think we should go and try to win.

They finish with some thoughts on counterattacks and how a strong defense will minimize the threat of a counterattack.


Anonymous said...

I tell you what, if Nery is playing on the left side of midfield, I think Bob would make a big mistake by putting Frankie out there. Nery will eat him alive. Wynne will kill him with his athleticism but you have to think Nery's craftiness could give him some fits as well.

Anonymous said...

Nery will eat most defenders alive when he's not pouting or throwing a hissy fit.

This will be a close game.

Anonymous said...

This game will be close. Snow or not.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Here's my Mexico lineup: ;D

Goal: Antonio Carbajal

Defense: Claudio Suarez, Aaron Lopez, Fernando Quirarte.

Midfield: Ramon Ramirez, Alberto Garcia Aspe, Juan Pablo Garcia, Hector Cuadros, Armando Bejines.

Forwards: Luis Hernandez, Carlos Hermosillo

Coach: Bora Milutinovic

I know that Carbajal, Quirarte, Suarez, Aspe and Ramirez would carry the rest of the team. But what the heck?

joel es latest soccer news said...

Thanks for the translation. I need to brush up on my spanish.

Here is my mexican lineup


Pinto-Augusto-Pardo-Dos Santos



man-from-michigan said...

Here is mine: