Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One fan's view

I saw this on Mural and I couldn't resist putting it on here. A fan submitted this in the comments section of the US-Mexico match report.

"Es una pena ver como un fútbol tan pateti o como el de usa domina a todavía un fútbol mas patetico como es el mexicano. Ericksson no tiene la culpa de nada! El debería de renunciar solo por como se maneja nuestro fútbol mediocre. Giovani de titular en un partido como este jaja el niño mimado a jugado 45 minutos en los últimos 3 meses en su club. Quein chingados es el jager Martinez? Es patético ver la actitud de nuestros jugadores "Europeos" jaja pinches niñitas mimadas pocos huevos, no por jugar en europa les da el derecho de pensar que con pararse en la cancha pueden ganar un partido. Ojalá y ericksson renunsie y salve su reputación como técnico y no sea afectado por está mafia de fútbol que tenemos frente a nosotros. Bola de rateros golozos pero ya les llegará su hora perros"

"I'll try and translate... ahem... It is embarrassing to watch a soccer so pathetic as the United States continue to dominate an even more pathetic soccer that is Mexico. Eriksson is not at fault for anything! He should resign simply because how our mediocre soccer is run. Giovani a starter in a game like this, haha the boy has just played 45 minutes of soccer the last three months. Who the fuck is Jagger Martinez?... "

I may translate the rest later but I'm kinda busy., just saw that and wanted to get it out there.


joe said...

I wasn't there, but it sure seemed that the wind played havoc with the ball, even at ground level. Passes were being blown around, and DMB's corner to Donovan looked like a kite flying.

The US defenders were somewhat sloppy and complacent in their own box, and that could have and should have hurt them. They got lucky.

I do love it when Mexico gets backed into a corner, they become so unhinged.

Anonymous said...

Whats missing form this rivalry is some quality football to go along with it. Everything is there to make it one of the world best rivalry, like those go Argentina vs Brazil or England vs Germany. But today, the level was less than mediocre, it's very sad. Mexico is a mess, the US has no style. It's really pathetic for the best two teams in the Concacaf to display such a poor level.

Well after this lost the Mexican press is going to have a field day. The US on the other had will be ignored, which is really sad that American don't give a crap about their player, which give their heart out during this game for them.

Rudy said...

You're right about the quality football missing from the rivalry. Give it time, there's still a primordial feel to the region in general and until recently Mexico was the dominant amoeba feasting on the rest of the bacteria. Now with a more evolved (less dirty) USA culture pushing Mexico around it'll only serve to push the ooze as a whole to progress into land walking fish. (See top world class U.S. attacking options or Mexican forwards that don't gimp complete sitters in the opening minutes of games.)

Anonymous said...

I kicked ass last night! I was the real winner.

-The weather