Monday, February 9, 2009

New role

I have some good news to share with you guys. I was hired on by to take over their Mexico coverage. Unlike my former blog partner, giving up my blog is not part of the deal so this trusty blog will continue moving forward.

Now, I'm just getting my feet wet over there but I have some ideas in terms of covering the league and national team. All the news will be in English of course so it's a good chance to provide a steady stream of coverage for one of the most popular but underrepresented (in media terms) leagues in the Western Hemisphere.

I'm starting off slowly of course but once we get the ball moving, it's going to move at a brisk pace.

Albert, wanted to share this with you. I wrote something on El Tri along the lines of what you'd asked a couple of days ago. That's my first official column.

Anyway, I'd be glad to hear from readers about any suggestions of features they'd like to see in terms of the Mexican league and national team.

Here is a link to the Mexico page on I've got updated league roundups and some news on El Tri there, plus writer Cesar Garcia has his latest Mexicans Abroad column on there. Plus we'll have more stories there on the Mexican national team and whatever league news I can get to.



Jason said...

Congratulations Luis!

drew_brown said...

Congrat Luis!

As much as I like seeing the tricolores lose, I am enjoying learning more about their league and players. For so long it's been virtually impossible to find info on, unless you read Spanish. Hopefully, your English coverage will ramp up faster than my Spanish learning has!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Luis,

I go to everyday and remember seeing the ad for the job and thinking how it would be perfect for you.

Something I'd like to see is a ranking of the Mexican league every week. Also, more coverage on Mexican teams participating in international tournaments and their opponents. Maybe an analysis of the Mexican team after a game, with player scores?

Dominghosa said...

Hey Luis, congrats! Glad to see soccer writers still have a place. Good luck and have fun.

joel es latest soccer news said...

Thanks!!! it was a nice piece.

Dylan said...

Your name has been on your articles on the RSS feed for the last week, which I was very happy to see. Keep up the good work.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Let me add my congratulations, as well.