Wednesday, February 11, 2009

US-Mexico Countdown: No. 1

1. 2002 World Cup; Jeonju, South Korea; June 17, 2002: US 2, Mexico 0

The unthinkable happened in 2002 when the United States and Mexico took their budding rivalry to the global stage. The US had stumbled badly in the group stage closing match, losing to Poland 3-1. Still, a 3-2 win over Portugal and a draw against the hosts was enough to see the Americans through to the Round of 16, where a mighty Mexico squad awaited. Mexico had been one of the better sides in the group stage in the entire tournament and fans began to dream about a deep run into the World Cup. Instead, those dreams seemed on the brink of disaster early on when Brian McBride scored not even 10 minutes in. Mexico responded with a furious onslaught but could not break through against US goalkeeper Brad Friedel. In the second half, the Americans put the game away when Eddie Lewis sent a cross into Landon Donovan, who buried a header past Oscar Perez. The US held on to win and claimed the ultimate result in CONCACAF's greatest rivalry.


US: Brad Friedel; Tony Sanneh, Eddie Pope, Greg Berhalter, Claudio Reyna, Pablo Mastroeni (Carlos Llamosa, 90), Landon Donovan, John O'Brien, Eddie Lewis, Josh Wolff (Earnie Stewartm, 59), Brian McBride (Cobi Jones, 79).

Mexico: Oscar Perez; Manuel Vidrio (Sigifredo Mercado, 46), Rafael Marquez, Salvador Carmona; Jesus Arellano, Johan Rodriguez, Gerardo Torrado (Alberto Garcia Aspe, 78), Braulio Luna, Ramon Morales (Luis Hernandez, 28); Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Jared Borgetti.

US - McBride 8
US - Donovan 65


Anonymous said...

Oh well, the past is the past.

Time to move on.

Evan said...

Probably the US national team's best moment, or if not the best, second behind the 1950 World Cup win over England.

Anonymous said...

it is mexico's darkest hour... javier aguirre's shame