Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The next best thing

Chivas de Guadalajara were thwarted in their attempt to acquire Nery Castillo as a reinforcement for Copa Sudamericana. But they still got him anyway... sort of.

According to reports, Castillo will train with Chivas ahead of Mexico's game against Ecuador on Nov. 12 in Phoenix. It seems that this is the first step of Castillo's return to Mexico. Could it also grease the wheels for a possible move to Chivas? Chivas, after all, have been pursuing Castillo for much longer than recent weeks. And it seems that if the club is good to him while he's not affiliated with them, perhaps he'd be most open to a move there if he decided to play in Mexico.

With Castillo wasting away at Manchester City, it would benefit Mexico greatly to have Castillo playing a key role on a club, European or otherwise, if he is to play a role in qualifying next year - provided Mexico gets there of course. And if that is not an option in England, then perhaps he'd consider going to Mexico before anywhere else. After all, I can't imagine the City bench would be preferable to playing in his home country.


A.Ruiz said...

I don't think he's ever actually lived in Mexico before, has he?

It's funny how the Mexican mentality works. Jesus Padillas caused a huge uproar and a lot of backpedaling. Because *gasp* he was born in gringolandia by Mexican parents.

But just because Nery was born in Mexico, him joining Chivas would not raise eyebrows.

I don't really care and actually like that Chivas had to finally follow government model on Mexican citizenship and acknowledge they had Mexican-Americans play for them in the 50s.

I just think it's sorta curious, how the lines the nationality are blurred more and more and how tenuous they are.

Chris said...

Chivas never had an official policy regarding their player's nationality.

It was a club president who made that pledge a few decades ago in order to get elected.

There wasn't much fuzz about Padilla playing for Chivas since it's widely accepted that children born outside of Mexico to Mexican parents were considered Mexican citizens.

It was Padilla himself who denied being born in Mexico.

Take it up with him and do some research next time before you try to make assumptions about things that are way above your head.