Monday, November 10, 2008

Nery news

Nery Castillo will start for Mexico on Wednesday against Ecuador in Arizona, Sven-Goran Eriksson said on Monday. Castillo has not played for El Tri since March and has struggled for playing time with Manchester City as well but Castillo is a talent and Mexico needs him on the field.

But that was not the most surprising Nery news on Monday. Guadalajara daily Cancha reported Monday that Castillo has been added to Chivas' squads for both the Copa Sudamericana and the Apertura 2008 season. In fact, Cancha reported that Castillo could be in action for Chivas on Saturday in their regular-season finale against Indios and could also play a part in the playoffs, if Chivas gets that far.

Cancha quoted Chivas VP Nestor De La Torre as saying that Castillo has been added to Chivas' roster and that the arrival of his international pass is the only thing keeping Castillo from playing for Chivas.

"All the papers and everything else has been submitted," De La Torre told Cancha. "The Federation has accepted him for the two tournaments and we're simply waiting for his international pass."

This could mean more than just a brief stay in Guadalajara for Castillo. If he joins Chivas now, then it might be safe to assume that he would be a part of their team next season as well.

Chivas have had an interest in Castillo for some time but the chances of him playing in Mexico appeared slim as his stock rose following the summer tournaments in 2007. Now that he's fallen off the face of the European club scene, Castillo's options are limited and a spell with Chivas would probably do him well.

ADD: The Cancha cover is from Tuesday's edition.


David Keyes said...

Will there be any controversy for Chivas over the fact that his father is Uruguayan? They seem to have reconciled themselves to having Jesús Padilla, born in the US to two Mexican parents (though I notice the Chivas website still says he was born in Jalisco), and claim that they respect the Constitution's definition of who is Mexican. However, this doesn't necessarily reflect everyone's opinion and I'm curious to hear what you think about whether there will be anyone upset that a half-Uruguayan is going to be playing for Chivas.

L.B. said...

No, there won't be any negative reaction. At least, I seriously doubt there would be. Castillo is born in Mexico and I really think that trumps everything to Chivas fans. It's a non-issue really and I would be surprised if there's even a hint of displeasure.