Saturday, November 1, 2008

Final words from Chivas USA

I had a lot of stuff left over from this week with regards to Chivas USA and their game in Salt Lake. I didn't get to use it and it'll be outdated after the game so I figured I'd put it on here for your reading pleasure.


I talked to Carey Talley at length after the Galaxy-FC Dallas game, of all places. Carey was there talking to Bobby Rhine and I happened to catch him after I was done in the Galaxy locker room.

Here's Carey's thoughts on playing the first leg on the road:

It’s kind of tough the way they’ve done these games. With the team that is a higher seed having to go play away first it makes it a bit difficult because if you do go down a goal or two, when you come home you have to completely open up. That makes it tough but I thin in terms of being disciplined and making sure that things are tied up in the back and we keep a good shape and a higher line instead of staying behind midfield and just defending the whole game I think that by doing that we’ll be in better positions to be able to play in. We have a pretty good team in terms of our passing, holding the ball and being able to attack after a buildup. That’s one definite that we’re going to have to take into account.

I also asked Carey if they felt that they would be playing for a draw or if they would try and go for a win.

A draw is the least that we’d like to get. If anything we’d like to win this game and make things a little easier for us. It doesn’t always go by the script. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in that game with all the emotion. One thing we’re going to be is a disciplined team and I think that’s going to help us quite a bit.


I talked to Claudio briefly after the game against Houston. He didn't have a whole lot to say so I only transcribed a bit of his words and then I didn't end up using any of it.

We have to be intelligent over 180 minutes and just have to take care of things on the road. We have last season’s bad experience of having not done well in Kansas City and then they came here and were able to get a result. We have to do well in Salt Lake and get a draw at least, win if possible, but we need to do well.


I actually did use some of this stuff but then Atiba went and got injured. Great. So now all of his stuff is irrelevant.

I asked him about facing RSL yet again:

We’ve played them three times this season and it seems like we keep playing them. I’m excited going into the playoffs facing Salt Lake. The most important thing is to get the victory and get past the first round.

Atiba, of course, spent two seasons with RSL before joining Chivas. I asked him if he felt he had anything to prove to them:

I always have something to prove when I step on the field. Anytime I step out there I’m trying to stay on the (starting) 11, stay on the field and I have to keep performing. It doesn’t matter what team you come up against.

Then, I asked Atiba if he still had any bad blood or bitter feelings against RSL.

It’s not bad blood but you just get the extra edge going up against your former team. The first game was the most emotional for me. Now, I’m over the whole thing. I came to I would say a better team, a better organization. I’m happy here.

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