Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Esky's knee

I had the chance to talk to Alecko Eskandarian by phone on Tuesday. I didn't see him on Saturday because he wasn't at the game so I wanted to find out how he watched the game and what he was feeling while doing so.

Anyway, check out the story to see what he said.

Eskandarian has been a key player for Chivas down the stretch, so it's no surprise that the club struggled without him. Had Chivas not lost both Eskandarian and Atiba Harris, things probably would have been better - not saying they would have scored but they would have been able to generate more chances for sure.

That will be one of the storylines to follow, whether Eskandarian plays and how he plays. He said he felt good and was looking forward to playing on Saturday so that's a good sign for Chivas. How his knee holds up will be a different story. If it's fine and back to normal, perhaps he'll start. If it's not quite there, he could be an option off the bench. But if there are setbacks, and with how this season has gone that wouldn't be a surprise, then he may not play at all.

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