Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chicago-New England game day

I'm not going to pretend like I'm the source of info regarding this game so I'll pass you on to someone who is. Here's Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune's lead-up to the game tonight between Chicago and New England.

And here's the reliable Kyle McCarthy from the Revs' side of things.

The winner will advance to the Eastern Conference final, which last year was disputed by these two teams.

My thoughts...

- I think it will be difficult for New England to win. Chicago has beaten New England three times before the first leg draw. Overall the Fire has outscored New England 9-1 in those four games. I can't see New England turning the tide without...

- Steve Ralston and Taylor Twellman. The two are out and the Revs will have to find other sources of offense.

- Both teams are due. Chicago is due for a run while New England is due for a loss. And frankly, I hope we see another Eastern team get to MLS Cup besides New England. If we get Houston-New England out here for MLS Cup, I may not go. Okay, that's taking it too far but I can't imagine that any neutral fan would want to see that.

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Anonymous said...

Luis, you called it!