Friday, October 31, 2008

Two games, four quarters

Chivas USA will play at Real Salt Lake on Saturday in a series that will break down into four quarters. At Rio Tinto Stadium, Chivas USA will try and do well in quarters one and two while coming home for the third and fourth quarters on Nov. 8.

At least, that's the way Jesse Marsch is looking at it. This is what he told me when I asked him about preparing for a two-leg series.

"You almost have to look at each half as a quarter and now try and figure out how to get through each half, or in that particular period, to either be ahead or be tied so that as the series continue, when you get down to the later stretches of the series you are either in position to push for a win or be guarding a win. It’s a mentality that you have to create within a group that says no matter what happens you have to keep going so whether it’s a two goal lead or are down two goals you still have to have a way about you that makes sense within the series or within the game and be prepared to do what the series is going to ask of you."

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